Alarm System

An alarm system provide real-time monitoring of your home security and fire safety.  Your alarm only works when it is armed. Ensure that your alarm can be set up so that doors, windows and unoccupied areas are monitored even if you are home.  This simple tip can stop a burglary/home invasion.

Ensure that your system is working, and that the central station is receiving your signal on a daily basis.

There are several components to familiarize yourself with:

PIR Sensors: these devices detect motion with the use of infra-red beams and computer technology. PIR sensors are key to detecting movement inside your home.

Glass Break Sensors: a glass break sensor detects the sound and air-motion created by glass breaking. If you have window film you need to have “dual technology” glass break sensors. Only dual technology sensors work with windows covered with security film.

Door and Window Contacts: These contacts work with your alarm system to detect if a door or window has been opened, or has been left ajar when trying to arm your system.

Fire/Smoke detectors: one of the greatest benefits of a home alarm system is its ability to report on fire/carbon monoxide alarms.  This simple detector can save you and your families life.



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