Protect your Business

80% of break-ins are through ground-floor glass. Security Window Film makes glass shatter-proof. A shatter-proofed window helps keep criminals out and stops the loss of valuables, business information, and inventory.  It avoids lost time dealing with police, and insurance adjusters. It also prevents the disruption of your workflow and the added stress to you and your employees when a break-in occurs.

Insurance companies are in business to earn money. They do not hesitate to pay for broken windows, but they balk when computers, inventory and business data is stolen. Your premiums will increase and your insurer will expect an substantial increase in your security. If another break-in occurs they will likely cancel your policy leaving you totally unprotected.

Our Security Window Film stops smash-and-grab burglaries, increases the effectiveness of your other security measures and saves your company money.

How it works!

Security Window Film is a clear, multi-layered film with a strong epoxy-like adhesive on its back. Once applied to a window it forms a molecular bond with glass. The strength of the bond, combined with the multi-layered elastic nature of the film creates a powerful barrier that keeps glass together and intruders out. Used with an alarm or video surveillance system, most criminals will be deterred.

Why Bars are NOT the Best Security Solution

Everyone has seen folding gates and security bars on windows. These devices are ugly and do not encourage a productive work environment. Bars say “keep out” even when your business is open. At night, bars and metal gates only provide part of your security solution. While they may keep intruders out, they don’t stop glass from being shattered and incendiary devices from entering your business.

The BEST Security Solution

Westmount Commercial Security installs security window film that stop criminal activity, while providing a safer more attractive workplace. Our security window films are available with a wide range of tints as well as clear, and come with a comprehensive warranty.

Ask us how we can help improve your workplace security.

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