Low-E Window Film keeps you comfortable year-round while saving you money.

Westmount Commercial Security Low-E Window Film is an energy saving insulating window treatment that will make your environment more comfortable no matter the weather, and will significantly lower both your cooling and heating bills.

Low-E Window Film uses an unique process that reduces solar heat gain in the summer by as much as 72% and reduces winter heat loss by up to 55%.

Low-E Window Film is good for the environment.

Renovate and Retrofit are fundamental principles in GREEN building practices. Every attempt is made to reuse existing building elements in order to eliminate unnecessary waste. Low-E Window Film is a retrofit product that follows GREEN principles in every aspect.

Low-E  Window film can be applied to almost any glass surface. It allows you to improve the quality of your existing glass, eliminates the waste of replacing old windows to achieve the objective you desire – improving comfort, privacy, safety or security; and saves you a lot of money in energy costs and window replacement costs. In fact, Low-E Window Film is approximately 1/5th the cost of window replacement, and in most cases pays for itself within the first few years.

Westmount Commercial Security Low-E Window Films are fully guaranteed, so there is no risk to you.

Contact us to find out if your windows are compatible with Low-E Window Film.

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