Protect against Graffiti

Nothing destroys the image of your store faster than vandalism. Vandals break windows, scratch surfaces with sharp objects, and use paint, markers or etching chemicals to apply graffiti. It’s unsightly and keeps customers away. If the damage is left, it entices others to vandalize further.  Often the only acceptable repair is changing the surface or replacing the glass – and that’s expensive.

Anti-Grafitti film is a cost effective solution that protects your glass and other smooth surfaces against all forms of graffiti. Once there has been significant damage to the sacrificial film, we remove it and replace it with a new piece, at a fraction of the cost of replacing expensive store front windows, mirrors or facades.

Anti-Grafitti film can be applied to exterior surfaces or on the interior in areas such as bathroom walls, stainless steel appliances, or aluminum and other smooth surfaces that are an integral part of your building’s design, which may not be able to be replaced if damaged. Anti-Grafitti film will help keep their initial beauty intact.

We have maintenance plans that keep your surfaces clean and free of graffiti on an ongoing basis.

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