More than 65,000 homes are broken into each year in the Montreal area.

Security Window Film makes glass shatter-proof. A shatter-proofed window helps keep criminals out. 80% of break-ins are through ground floor glass. Let Westmount Commercial Security protect your glass and keep criminals out.

How it works!

Security Window Film is a clear, multi-layered film with a strong epoxy-like adhesive on its back. Once applied to a window it forms a molecular bond with glass. The strength of the bond, combined with the multi-layered elastic nature of the film creates a powerful barrier that keeps glass together in the event of attack by an intruder.

Criminals are seeking quick entry to your premises, and once they see it will take a significant amount of time to break through the window they will go elsewhere.

Watch the video below to see security window film in action.


Additional Benefits

• Security Window Film enhances your alarm system’s effectiveness
• It keeps your family safe from attack and from broken glass
• Unlike window bars, it does not prohibit access to windows in the event of fire
• It stops arson, firebombing and other types of vandalism


Solar Control Film

Think of Solar Control Film as sunscreen for your home. It’s beautiful, safe, and provides noticable energy savings.  Solar Control  Film on your windows makes your home more luxurious, allows you to enjoy natural light year-round, and protects your furnishings, floorings, fabrics and valuable artwork from the damaging effects of the sun.

Westmount Commercial Security installs a wide range of ceramic and infra-red films, which are condominium by-law compliant. You will be able to enjoy your sun room or solarium like never before. Solar Control Film reduces the sun’s heat by up to 85%, dramatically lowering your air conditioning costs, while keeping a virtually clear view without a noticeable change in visible light.

In the winter, this same amazing film helps retain interior heat, reducing heating costs.

Solar Control Films also reduce glare up to 85% for easy viewing of computer screens and televisions. Reduced glare means reduced eye strain, making your viewing experience more comfortagle.

How it works!

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