Security Window Film
Security film stops smash and grab burglaries

Protect your Montreal business or home with shatterproof film.

A burglar can smash through the windows of your home or business and steal your valuables like; electronics, identification, computers, tools, jewelry, confidential business information, all within a matter of seconds. Security Window Film makes glass shatter-proof. The glass stays attached to the film instead of shattering and falling to the floor. The criminal is deterred from entry and your property, premises, employees or family are kept safe.

Shatterproof Security Window Film is also a barrier against arson and firebombing attacks. Molotov cocktails cannot penetrate Security Window Film. Window bars and grills stop entry of persons but permit the entry of incendiary devices.

Watch this video below to see how effective security window film is.


How Security Window Film works

Security Window Film works in two ways. First, its super aggressive adhesive forms a molecular bond to the glass and holds it together even after multiple impacts. Second,  the tensile strength of the film, coupled with its elasticity and resistance to shear forces eliminates the chance of objects penetrating the glass. The glass may break or crack, but it still adheres to the film and stops entry.

Enhance your alarm system

When Security Window Film is used in conjunction with an alarm equipped with a glass-break sensor, the alarm is triggered with the first impact in which the glass breaks; however, access is denied.

Repeated attempts to enter create more noise and take more time. Since most smash and grabs take place in less than 5 minutes, the resultant time delay and noise factor are sufficient to scare off most would be thieves.


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