Solar Control: Commercial

Does your building/office suffer from uneven temperature? Do people on the north side and internal offices freeze during the summer while the window offices bake? Does this reverse in the winter so the window offices freeze? No amount of balancing your air-conditioning or heating system can solve this common problem.

Westmount Commercial Security has the solution! We can install heat rejecting films which will not only improve comfort for everyone during any season, they will save you up to 75% on your air-conditioning and heating costs.

Ask us about a free consultation on the how you can improve your work environment and save your company money.

Solar Control: Residential/Condo

Our Solar Control Window Film offers you protection from heat, cold, UV rays, glare, and fading while it saves you money and makes your rooms more comfortable. For Condominiums we offer infra-red filtering film which is 100% condo bylaw compliant, but removes up to 70% of the sun’s heat.

In a wide range of tints, as well as clear, our Solar Control Films reduce the suns heat by up to 85% while protecting your from harmful UV rays! Think of the money you will save on air-conditioning in the summer. And since it also keeps heat in during the winter your heating costs will also be significantly reduced.

Solar Control Window Films also help your viewing of computer screens and televisions. They can reduce eye strain and make your life more comfortable by reducing up to 85% of the glare.

The sun fades everything – fabrics, draperies, upholstery, carpeting, art and furniture. Solar Control Window Films reduces the sun’s power and prevents premature fading.

Westmount Commercial Security has a film for your specific needs.

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